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About me

Aditya Chellam

Networking Security Engineer at Cisco

I believe in using technology to solve people's problems and making the world a better place. I am passionate about connecting ideas to people in an inclusive, open and supportive environment that fosters rapid growth and innovation.

"People Inspire People"




VIT University, Vellore
Computer Science and Engineering
CGPA : 9.05

Under Graduation (2015-2019)

BVM - Bhavan's Bhartiya Vidya Mandir, Civil Lines
12th Boards (CBSE - Science Stream with Math)
Percentage : 93.80 %

Junior College (2013-2015)

Modern School, Koradi
10th Boards (CBSE)
CGPA : 10/10

High School (2011-2013)


Certified Scrum Product Owner

Awarded the designation Certified Scrum Product Owner® on this day, March 10, 2021, for completing the prescribed requirements for this certification.

Scrum Alliance
VALID: 2021-2023
Google Analytics Individual Qualification

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification covers basic and advanced Google Analytics concepts. This includes: planning and principles; implementation and data collection; configuration and administration; conversion and attribution; and reports, metrics, and dimensions.

VALID: 2020-2023
Cisco Certified Specialist - Web Content Security

Earners of Cisco Certified Specialist - Security Identity Management have demonstrated knowledge of Cisco Web Security Appliance, including proxy services, authentication, decryption policies differentiated traffic access policies and identification policies, acceptable use control settings, malware defense, and data security and data loss prevention.

Valid: 2019-2022
Cisco Certified DevNet Associate

Earners of Cisco Certified DevNet Associate have demonstrated knowledge at the associate level in software development and design, understanding and using APIs, application deployment and security, and infrastructure and automation on Cisco platforms.

Valid: 2020-2023
Cisco Certified Specialist - Network Security Firepower

Earners of Cisco Certified Specialist - Network Security Firepower have demonstrated a candidate's knowledge of Cisco Firepower® Threat Defense and Firepower®, including policy configurations, integrations, deployments, management, and troubleshooting.

Valid: 2019-2022
Cisco Certified Network Associate (Security)

This certification validates the skills required of associate-level network professionals to develop a security infrastructure, recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks and mitigate security threats.

Valid: 2019-2023
Cisco Certified Network Associate (Routing and Switching)

This certification validates the skills required of associate-level network professionals to understand network fundamentals, LAN switching technologies, IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies, WAN technologies, infrastructure services, security, and management.

Valid: 2019-2023
The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This certificate validates basic knowledge on the fundamentals of digital marketing, and helping businesses grow online by utilizing the various digital marketing tools available online.

Valid: 2020-PRESENT
Advanced Google Analytics

Advanced Google Analytics covers how data gets collected and processed into readable reports. The course also demonstrates more advanced analysis techniques using segmentation, channel reports, audience reports, and custom reports, as well as marketing strategies like remarketing and Dynamic Remarketing that show ads to customers who have visited your website.

VALID: 2020-2023
Google Analytics for Beginners

Google Analytics for Beginners shows new users how to create an account, implement tracking code, and set up data filters. One learn's how to navigate the Google Analytics interface and reports, and set up dashboards and shortcuts. The course also demonstrates how to analyze basic Audience, Acquisition, and Behavior reports, and set up goals and campaign tracking.

VALID: 2020-2023
Product Management First Steps

This course provides a comprehensive overview of product management and takes one through the six stages of the product life cycle (PLC): research, plan, build, release, refine, and retire. The course also covers concepts such as examining what elements make up a quality extended team, exploring the components of managing a life cycle and recognizing how to monitor progress using a burndown chart.

Valid: 2020-PRESENT
Hubspot Sales Enablement Certified

The bearer of this certificate is hereby deemed knowledgeable in the basics of developing a marketing-driven sales enablement strategy. They have been tested on best practices that focus on implementing industry standards in sales and marketing and evaluating sales enablement technology.

VALID: 2020-2023

Microsoft Projects Professional


November 11, 2020
9 PDU points

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

April 5, 2018
Grade Achieved : 96.4%

Cryptography - I

Stanford University

March 28, 2018
Grade Achieved: 90.4%

Microsoft Excel for Project Management


December 1, 2020
5 PDU points

Human-Centered Design: an Introduction

University of California San Diego

November 2, 2018
Grade Achieved: 100.0%

Cluster Analysis in Data Mining

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

April 1, 2018
Grade Achieved: 90.5%

Project Management Level One


November 20, 2020

Digital Media and Marketing Principles

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

November 18, 2018
Grade Achieved: 99.0%

Introduction to Financial Markets

Indian School of Business

October 13, 2018
Grade Achieved: 100.0%


My best asset is my experience of working in a customer support role early on in my corporate journey. That experience shaped my thought process to always put the customer’s requirements first. Thus whenever I start conceptualizing a product, I begin with a clear vision of solving problems FOR THE CUSTOMER. That vision helps shape all the decisions made for the product.


Python 3
C / C++

Technology Proficiency

Network Security
Data Structures
Technical Writing
Core Networking
Web Development
Android Development

Management Proficiency

Customer Experience (CX)
Project Management
Product Management
Team Building
Services Delivery Lifecycle
Public Speaking and Content Delivery

Awards and publications

CX TAC Lead Generation Program - Start Line FY20

Congratulations, you achieved the CX Lead Generation Platform START Line Award!! Generating your first Lead in FY20 you proved to be able to Help our customers with ""Beyond the Fix"" Services by identifying and capturing customer’s technology and service needs and passing them to the Sales organization through the CX Lead Generation Platform program. The CX Lead Generation Platform's team is grateful for your contribution in FY20 & we are looking forward for you to further contribute in FY21.

Giovanni Zalloni
CX Lead Generation Platform Global Business Lead
OCT 14, 2020
Innovate Everywhere Award - Thank you for being a source of inspiration!

Hi Aditya, thank you for being a constant source of inspiration and support. I really admire the consistency you have shown in delivering results and your work ethic is unparalleled. Really glad to see you grow and be recognized as a finalist in the Innovation Challenge! Kudos to your efforts and all the best for the finals!

Kiran Kabdal
Technical Consulting Engineer (Collaboration TAC)
Sept 29, 2020
You Inspire 3 Award - Outstanding contribution in ISE Breaker tool

Great work done Aditya in ISE breaker tool. This tool is already gaining popularity & currently being used by SDM's. Thanks for leveraging your coding & scripting knowledge & help in getting this completed successfully.

Ayon Guha
Manager Professional Services Security, Cisco
Sept 22, 2020
You Inspire 3 Award - Inclusion and Diversity Accelerator

Hi Aditya, You have received various accolades for the great work you have been doing with the tools with the technical leadership. This recognition is for taking initiatives during Chrismas to bring the team together and plan the secret santa which such enthusiam. it is great to see you contribute on so many fronts.

Syed Pasha
Manager EMEA Security Team, Cisco
March 4, 2020
You Inspire 2 Award - Thanks for making our lives easier

Hey Aditya, Thanks for your relentless work on the FCResourceUtil script. It is going to make analysis of logs and diagnosing problems with individual processes much easier. All of this within the first few months of picking cases is even more remarkable. Look forward to more such utilities from you.

Prapanch Ramamoorthy
Technical Leader, Security
February 20, 2020
You Inspire 2 Award - Great work on project "wireless automation tool

Hi Aditya, I wanted to appreciate the hard work you did on wireless automation tool. Your quick learning and implementation of python on this project was commendable. I like the fresh energy interns bring to Cisco and you were extraordinary. Being consistent is key to success and I never saw you dropping the ball throughout the time we worked on this project. I wish you all the best for whatever you choose in future! All the best! Cheers, Ishant

Ishant Varshney
Technical Leader, Wireless ENT
May 21, 2019
You Amaze 1 Award - LLM Innovation

Thanks for Driving innovation for the team around the LLM Initiative. This is encouraging the culture of knowledge sharing and making sure the team benefits from other's learnings on a Project. LLM has the Potential to scale across CX and impact global community. Appreciate all your effort to drive this initiative with such Rigour.

Ramneet Kaur
Leader, Customer Experience PMO
April 30, 2021
You Inspire 3 Award - CXA Hack-Fest 2020 Core Team

I highly appreciate your significant contribution, dedication and commitment in implementing the vision of our CXA Hack-Fest 2020. Our continuous collaboration, managing the activities at the core, engaging with the participants and supporting the execution have been a master feat for us. Your support is sincerely appreciated and valued. Once again, it was a pleasure working with you, hope to see the collaboration continue for FY22.

Aarushi Bhatnagar
Business Operations Manager
July 15, 2021


Cisco Product Hack 2021

Won the Product Hack 2021, a Product Hack-a-thon around building a complete product portfolio from scratch and pitching it as Product Managers to judges acting as VCs over 3 rounds of elimination and among 38 teams.

First Winner
(Cisco Systems)
Cisco APJC Innovation Challenge 2020

Won the CX APJC Innovation challenge among 383 teams, in 3 phases with 36 seasoned judges in phase 2 and another panel of 9 seasoned judges in phase 3 and developed a working product currently in production for the BDM team.

First Winner
(Cisco Systems)
Code2Create | ACM | Hackathon

Developed a conversation based chatbot for chat based user transactions analyzing customer behaviour over time. (Machine Learning and NLP)

1st Prize Winner (FinTech)
AI-based Financial Banking Bot
National Cyber Olympiad (SOF)

Round 1 city topper for the NCO, which is a cyber concepts and knowledge competition for students conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation.

State Rank 2
(Maharashtra State)
Graphic Designing | World Innovation Day

Won the 1st runners-up position in the graphic design contest held and had my design featured on the cover page of the annual magazine.

International Rank 2
(City Montessori School)
IoT Exhibition | CSE Division

Won the best project award in the IoT exhibition held for the CSE division Expo for showing the usage of smart glove assistant for specially-able.

Best Project
(VIT University)


Springer Book Chapter

Right from its inception, social media has played a pivotal role in shaping the marketing strategies of today’s business. Businesses use marketing to successfully grow their market presence and improve brand awareness. The most effective marketing approach is one where social media and traditional marketing mixes are used in tandem. Social media marketing is a lucrative option for business owners as the cost of marketing is low and user feedback on social media Web sites and forums can be utilized effectively to constantly update the marketing strategy for maximizing gains. This chapter focuses on analyzing the Facebook marketing strategy of a certain company and providing a comparative study of visualization methodologies that present the client sentiment in the most lucid manner, thereby allowing the business owner to devise an effective business model with maximum returns and minimum expenditure.

Data Visualization: Visualization of Social Media Marketing Analysis Data to Generate Effective Business Revenue Model
Data visualization | Social media | Market analysis | Facebook advertisement | Click-response | Business expansion
4 March, 2020
Published in Elsevier Procedia

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are used in computer networks to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data. In recent years, network traffic has become sizeable enough to be considered under the big data domain. Current machine learning based techniques used in IDS are largely defined on eager learning paradigms which lose performance efficiency by trying to generalize training data before receiving queries thereby incurring overheads for trivial computations. This paper, proposes the use of lazy learning methodologies to improve overall performance of IDS. A novel heuristic weight based indexing technique has been used to overcome the drawback of high search complexity inherent in lazy learning. IBk and LWL, two popular lazy learning algorithms have been compared and applied on the NSL-KDD dataset for simulating a real-world like scenario and comparing their relative performances with hw-IBk. The results of this paper clearly indicate lazy algorithms as a viable solution for real-world network intrusion detection.

Intrusion Detection in Computer Networks using Lazy Learning Techniques
Lazy Learning | Intrusion Detection System | Machine Learning | IBk | kNN
October, 2018
Published in IJRASET, Vol. 5, Issue VI

The onset of the Big Data phenomenon, has brought to light the need to store and process data externally for effective and efficient computation. Cloud computing is a technology that has enabled individual users and organizations alike to implement such a functionality. Currently, a large percentage of the data being generated is stored on clouds and the number of organizations opting for cloud based technologies is constantly on the rise. With such growing numbers accessing and utilizing cloud resources, data security has become a major cause of concern. Traditional methods of cloud computing are becoming obsolete and ineffective with each technological breakthrough and data is thus highly subjected to getting corrupted or hacked. Machine Learning algorithms can be implemented to program the security mechanism such that the cloud is able to verify and secure the data with greater efficiency and improve the security predictions as more and more data gets accumulated. An AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven framework for cloud computing, can not only handle the current data traffic but is also a viable framework for the future as it learns and improves itself constantly as the accreted knowledge base increases. This paper implements Random Forest machine learning algorithm to improve the data security in cloud computing.

Improving Existing Data Security Standards in Cloud Computing using Trust Based Machine Learning
Cloud Computing | Big Data | Artificial Intelligence | Random Forest Tree | Machine Learning | AES
June, 2017


I have experience as a network consulting engineer and as a software developer. I find that my experience in both the roles has widened my horizon significantly in both the realms and the importance of the interplay of the two.


Project Manager/Product Onwer

I currently work as a Project Manager (Specialist) and a Product Owner in the Professional Services business unit and work towards finding easy to understand technical solutions to complex business problems.

Cisco Systems
Customer Experience
Mar 2021 – Present
Network Consulting Engineer - II

Responsible for understanding customer requirements, providing technical consultation for enterprise solutions, for the entire Cisco Security Product Portfolio, designing high-level and low-level network designs, managing network security and migration for large scale networks. Software release cycle management including bug tracking and resolution for each software train.

Cisco Systems
Professional Services | Security
June 2020 – Mar 2021
Technical Consulting Engineer

I worked on enforcing network security for corporate networks and providing support for products like ASA and FirePower. A large part of my job entailed interacting with end customers on a daily basis and required troubleshooting and technical skills to solve product issues and for providing a good customer experience. I also developed internal tools and scripts for TAC and on FireConsole.

Cisco Systems
Cisco TAC | Security
July 2019 – June 2020
Network Engineer Intern

Worked on Wireless ENT technologies and built a tool for network automation of enterprise scale network clients for simultaneously WLC/AP config pushes for setting up high availibility parameters, FlexConnect configurations and client side debugging.

Cisco Systems
Cross-Functional | Wireless ENT
Jan 2019 – June 2019
Software Engineer Intern

Learnt MEAN stack development with a practical project called “Shop Street”. An e-commerce website for local trader of Nagpur. Learnt about various SDLC models that tech companies deploy for developing software, and how to set reasonable deadlines and the importance of meeting them on time.

Persistent Systems
Software Development
May 2017 – July 2017
Chief Executive Student Editor

Responsible for managing the Times of India Newspaper’s Buzz Pages for a period of 2 weeks. Headed a team of 4 students and a host of daily reporters, article writers and contributors in publishing Buzz page of the Daily Newspaper.

The Times of India
School Buzz
June 2012

Non - profit

Made the official website for the Women's NGO - Aashrita Mahila Mandal, a Nagpur based organization with educated middle-class women coming together to bring about a positive change to the society.

Aashrita Mahila Mandal Website
JUNE 2020 - present

Responsible for managing blood donors and patients for a period of 2 years.
My role also involved guiding and assisting freshmen initiates of the club and teaching them the workings of Club Events such as Blood Donation and Awareness Campaigns.

Youth Red Cross
Core Committee Member
2016 - 2017

Taught Website building to children from underprivileged families living in the urban slums as a vocational training they can use to make the internet work to their advantage or gain employment in the IT field.

Sunshine Foundation
May 2015 - July 2015


A self-made AI algorithm for summarizing large texts into a short readable format without the use of any external/inbuilt libraries.

Text Summarizer
Github -

Developed a smart glove to interpret hand gestures and motions based on American Sign Language (ALS) using Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi.

Gesture Controlled Assistant | ARCS Hackbattle
Journal -

Machine learning implementation for gathering data from Facebook feed (Likes), analyzing and classifying data into Big 5 personality traits for giving better understanding of user learning.

Education 2.0 | Hack GSF by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Github -

Built a Website for NLP based keyword search interpretaion. Developed an android app to keep dream journal and perform dream analysis using machine learning.

Dream Interpretation Website | SITE-VIT

Developed an application to facilitate prepaid electricity options for optimal power consumption. Novel billing mechanism incorporated as solution for smart electricity in digital India.

Volt Smart Metering | CodeSpace CSI


I have always been a sporty person and have played Table-Tennis for the past 10 years and love playing football. I also am a voracious and avid reader of all genres as long as the story has me hooked.

Table Tennis

National Table-Tennis Championship

Won the title in CBSE cluster IX and qualified for nationals from Cluster IX (Maharashtra).

CBSE Cluster Champion
(Qualified for Nationals)
CBSE Cluster IX

Won the 1st runners-up position in CBSE Clusters.

1st Runners-up Winner
State Championship (DSO)

Won the table-tennis state championship for Maharashtra state.

State Champion


School Level Football Championship

Won the gold medal for 2 consecutive years at BBPVM school level football championship

Gold Winners
2013 - 2015
District Football Championship

Won the silver shield rolling shield for the District Level Football Championship (DSO), Nagpur District.

Rolling Trophy (Silver)


If you have an idea and wish to collaborate, or a query on any of the fields and technological domains mentioned above, please feel free to reach out to me.

You can also reach out to me by clicking on any of the social media icons listed below.